Welcome to this page where we discuss how to make the safest and best choices in buying a crib, a mattress, and other similar things for your baby. Also, we will consider some tips for organizing safe and healthy baby sleep time.

Being a parent

People say, the best feeling you will have in life is the feeling of being a parent. This experience changes you; it makes you much more than who you always have been. You probably can still remember the joy that you felt when you found out that you were pregnant. And you may also remember the fear you felt because you knew nothing about how to be a good parent for this adorable baby you were about to give birth to.

One thing you should know that you are not alone in all these feelings. From the moment you have your first baby you become a part of a nation, that consists of parents, regardless of their country or nationality. Parenthood is global. And in this nation of parents people are ready to help one another, and often you also will be able to help. No one can understand the problems of a parent as another parent does.

With the information here we intend to help you choose the best cot or crib, the safest mattress, and other similar things.

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Why Bed?

We start with these things because healthy sleep plays a huge role in happy baby life. We must pay attention and choose the best baby crib or cot, the safest mattresses, and other accessories that apply to the baby bed.

We love our children, and we love to pick clothes and toys for them, choose furniture for their rooms and buy all the necessary things.

We also need to know as much information as possible about how to raise a child, especially concerning the first years of kid’s life. And in these years good child’s sleep is crucial both for the baby and for the parents.

Perfect Sleep Advice

To be a parent is a complicated task and a road that you will have to walk yourself. Despite all the difficulties, it’s a great and wonderful path. The first several weeks can be a challenge because the baby most likely will have no usual hours for sleep. Baby might wake up in his cot several times at night. Sharing a bed with the baby also is disturbing because it can be dangerous. You may keep telling yourself that it will get better soon, but it’s not quite true. This is only the beginning of your 24/7 parent’s employment and many things are still waiting for you in the future. You will have to put up with some difficulties and to fix others, but you must always be ready to learn because there are many hints and tricks, knowing which will make your life much easier.

These are our advices for you.

1. Sleep and play. During first weeks of life, your baby is going to sleep much. But it might be relatively short periods of sleeping and short periods of staying awake that will follow each other through night and day. Usually, it is difficult to change. You may ask a family member to look after your baby for a little while and have some rest when you need it.

2. Recognizing the time. You must learn to know when your child wants to sleep. That may be little signs of rubbing the eyes or relaxation. On the other hand, when babies need to sleep, they may become more irritable and even more active but less happy, they may lose interest in toys and refuse to play. Knowing the signs, you will easily catch the time when your baby is tired and needs a nap.

3. Although the first weeks of kid’s life sometimes are not well organized when it comes to sleeping time, many parents succeed in creating a routine and a schedule for it. The main thing is to show the child the difference between the night time and the day time. Your activities and playing with the baby after dusk should be quiet and more soothing, more inviting to sleep and rest, while active playing and any loud sounds must pertain to the day time.

Care and Safety

Babies usually are joyful and happy by nature. So you have to know that there is a cause for every cry, and, therefore, there is a solution for it. But the trick is that the baby is not going to tell you what it is in every particular case, so you will learn to guess. That is why you need to listen to all the advises other parents are giving you because in them you will often find something useful. Here we discuss the kids sleep so we’ll talk about mattresses, cribs, and cots.

How to pick a mattress. Your baby will spend a lot of time in a crib, so you will need the best mattress. Soft beds are not recommended because they may cause suffocation. Hard beds may make the child feel uncomfortable in the crib, and the kid may cry more often. And as usual the best choice here may lie among the organic products. If these are high quality, they are non-toxic, safe, and the best mattress that your kid will love.

How to choose a crib. The next important thing is a crib. It must be safe and made from high-quality materials and painted with non-toxic paints. Remember that your kid will not only test how firmly the crib is built but also will taste it by trying to chew on it. Choosing a cot, check if the gaps between slats are safe.

Usually, knowing how good it feels resting in mother’s arms, babies not really want to go to their cribs. But your child will get used to the crib and learn to like it there, trusting that you will always come when needed. As a parent, you should find a good balance between soothing and cradling the baby in your arms and letting your child sleep in the crib.

Safety is Important.

Most of you probably have babies. You are working your best to ensure that your child is safe. Some people might tell you that you are overdoing things. We would advise you not to think this way because your baby’s safety and health are the treasure you can never overestimate. Therefore caring for your child can never be done too much. And that is why we are talking here about choosing the best crib mattress, the best crib or cot, the right way to sleep.

Here are some our safety tips.

  • Always choose the best for your child, because, choosing the best you will get the best health and safety results.
  • As we said earlier, a wise choice is an organic crib mattress. It will not produce the unnecessary, dangerous environment for your baby like a mattress made from toxic materials will do. Remember that infants are highly sensitive to harmful chemicals. Find the best non-toxic organic crib mattress.
  • The mattress should be firm, so when the baby rolls over in sleep, there will be no risk of suffocation.
  • Ensure that the crib is firmly built and painted over with non-toxic paint. If it has wheels, they must also be firm.
  • Some people believe that it is safer for a baby to sleep on the back.
  • Breastfeed your baby for as long as it is possible for you. Breastfeeding immunizes children and protect them from many infections.
  • Do not overheat your baby. Not only overheating is unhealthy, but it is also considered to be one of the possible causes of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).
  • Honey is not deemed to be good for kids until they are one-year-old. It can support botulism in infants. The bacteria that causes this sickness is thought to be connected with SIDS.

We know that the causes of SIDS still can not be explained by the medical community, but we advise you to protect your kid in all known ways and by this to lessen the risk of any sicknesses.


Although it was just a quick introduction to the topic of babies safe sleep, we believe the information was useful to you and that you will read the best baby crib and the best baby cot reviews to choose the safer and more convenient model for your little one. Also, you may research further the topic of safe mattresses and find the best mattress your baby will enjoy sleeping and playing on.


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