AeroBed Mattress for Kids

Aero bed air mattress for kids

The AeroBed Mattress for Toddlers is probably the best option for those who want a highly portative baby travel bed. The bed working on a quick deflation system and an electric pump included to the purchase make deploying and folding the bed back really simple and fast.

This toddler bed is the best option for…

Those families who know the value of movability and security in a toddler travel bed.  Since the model is designed with the deflation system, the AreoBed for children is very light-weight and compact enough to be packed into a tiny package. The four in-roll guards surrounding the mattress included the purchase and the low height of the bed make this model absolutely safe for your child, so there is nothing to be anxious about.

Simplicity of usage: 4.5/5

As for the beds that work using a deflation system, this model is one of the easiest ones to inflate. The video above demonstrates how little effort it takes to complete the inflation when you use the pump included in the purchase. The valve located on the side of the bed makes the process of regulating the firmness as well as deflation extremely simple. The device can be deflated within just 15 seconds. However, in case the valve has been damaged or completely broken, it requires substitution.

The purchase comprises an electric pump that will make things fast and simple, but it has its demerits. First of all, the pump requires power to operate. Secondly, you will not do without an adapter or even a voltage modulator if you are intending to use it overseas.

Because the AreoBed is made from PVC, the bed can be easily wiped down. The removable cover included is machine washable.

Movability: 4/5

The AeroBed Mattress for Children is easy to be deflated and packed into a tiny and light-weight package.

The mattress, the cotton cover and carry bag put together do not go beyond the weight of a pound. The components mentioned above can be carried inside a boot of your car, be taken as carry-on luggage or can even fit a suitcase if you are traveling by airplane. However, the pump here might be a subject of concern as it is quite heavy (at around 8lb), and will not fit into a suitcase or a bag.

If while traveling by air you are already carrying a great deal of luggage, extra weight in the form of the pump might cause some issues with weight limits. As for dimensions, even with the pump included, the AeroBed still remains very compact in terms of bulk.

Comfort: 3.5/5

The option of regulating the level of inflation enables you to choose the most optimal level of firmness for your kid. Even though an inflatable mattress cannot be compared to a proper mattress when it comes to convenience and comfort, the cotton cover the AeroBed is designed with makes the bed comfortable enough.

Age range: 3.5/5

The AreoBed Mattress is designed for children aging from 3 and up. Even though this model is not huge, it can handle the weight of 150lb, so if your kid is not heavier than 50in,there should be no concern. As a safety precaution, the edges of the mattress are lifted 4in from the main sleeping part creating a barrier that would protect your child from falling out when he is rolling. The mattress will suit younger kids as well unless they need to be contained. If you are not certain whether this model is the one that matches all of your needs, check out our toddler travel bed guide.

Safety: 5/5

AeroBed has a very solid construction.  It can handle any kind of activity including jumping since it made of tough PVC with heat welding for the seams. With the side safety cushions, this bed should contain all but the most mobile of sleepers. The bad is very close to the ground which makes it solid and steady. Customers have never reported any cases of the bed turning over.

Other characteristics and accessories

The AreoBed Mattress for Children is 50 x 25 x 10 inches in an inflated condition weighs 1lb.

The purchase comprises a carry case, a cotton cover and an electric pump (total weight is approximately 10lb)

Inflation and deflation can be complete in an instant and require little effort.


This model is not suitable for the babies who require containing.

The electric pump included to the purchase cannot operate without access to electricity and might not suit all voltages.

Some users have stated that the valve has gotten damaged somehow or has broken off completely. AreoBed provides substitution of the damaged components and has a video on this issue assuring this problem occurs rarely.

Summing up: 4/5

The AeroBed is a probably the best option for those who want a highly portative and extremely compact baby travel bed. The most beneficial technical characteristic of this bed is its strength and how fast the procedure of inflation and deflation is. The pump the purchase comprises is heavy which as a disadvantage, and yet the bed itself is still highly movable. All in all, it is a premium quality inflatable toddler travel bed.

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Benefits:  The electronic pump provides the fast process of inflation, the process of deflation goes the same fast. The model is movable when deflated, very solid and easy to look after.

Demerits: Some owners claim that there are certain problems with the valve that does not fully contain a toddler and is not the best option for babies. Also, the inflation cannot be completed without the access to electric power.

AeroBed Mattress for Kids
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