Safety First Heavenly Dreams Crib Mattress

Safety 1-st Heavenly Dreams white baby crib mattress reviewEveryone thinks of saving some dollars when it comes to buying things. Sometimes purchasing the cheap product makes sense, if you know you can easily get along with it. But can you go for cheap goods when we speak about the health of your baby, for example? It, of course, doesn’t mean you should spend thousands of dollars, the money needs wise approach. We just say that the cheapest products are no option because you’ll surely have to replace them soon enough.Most of the crib mattresses cost above 100$, which is pricey considering the fact they need a regular change. On the other hand, there are cheap ones with the price of around 50$, but the quality they offer is a mere waste of money. Safety is a primary goal for everyone who has babies, and it can’t be achieved with the cheap materials.There is a suitable option for people that can’t afford the high quality but still want some of the middle-class mattresses. The Safety First Heavenly Dreams Crib Mattress is the one that catches the eye. We’ve read through the customers’ reviews and decided to include it in the list of our products.



Safety First Heavenly Dreams Crib Mattress Review

50$ more and you’ll get a higher quality

Questions like “Is it safe?” Is it comfortable?” can’t be given the definite answers. By a first look, it seems to be a perfect variant. Particular reviews say it serves well, others don’t share that favorable opinion. Some parents reported it for having problems with sagging after a while. Thus, they had to buy another mattress, which was a lot more expensive. Saving money turned to be extra spends in fact. This example shows how important the first-time investment can be. So, adding just 50 more dollars could entirely change the situation. Ask yourself, isn’t the wellbeing of your child worth it? We think, loving and caring parents wouldn’t hesitate a minute. A mattress that your precious child spends so much time on should be very comfortable and keep form.  But some cases can’t be argued, of course. The Safety First can remain an option and here are the reasons why it attracts the customers.

Product Details

The mattress is firm. The outer side of it is made of waterproof materials while the inner part is made completely of foam. The product comes with five inches of foam and does meet the fire safety standards. However, it is not done with all the natural materials. That’s because the standards of fire safety require adding some chemicals, which suppress the fire. But some of them may have toxic emissions, so ask the customers’ support in advanced about the materials used.

Are there any other alternatives?

There are surely some alternatives. If you don’t mind spending a little more, you may want to read about the top seven crib mattresses of 2014. Though, if you prefer to stick to the Safety First, the brand that manufactures baby mattresses only, you can try the Heavenly Dreams, which will be even cheaper for you. We can’t say that the mattress is a no-go; lots of parents, as well as their kids, are happy with the product. Just there are lots of other options that can interest you.


Safety First Heavenly Dreams Crib Mattress
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