51ZOWWzEdbL._SL1000_The Shrunks Indoor Toddler Inflatable Travel Bed is an excellent option for the parents seeking a cozy, comfortable and portative bed as they feel that their child is too heavy to be carried in a travel crib.This model can be dissembled to only 7.7lbs and can be fitted into a compact package, which makes it easy for the families to carry it anywhere they would go.



Shrunks Indoor Toddler Inflatable Travel Bed Review

This toddler bed is an excellent variant if you are…

Parents who are always en route seeking a premium quality bed with a long service life that would provide their kids with the comfortable sleep. The bed is a great assistant when you are on a vacation, do camping activities or just having a gathering with the family members at their place. Also, this bed might replace a crib your child used to sleep in before, but has outgrown and now needs a more spacious option.

Simplicity of usage: 2/5

The bed is designed with the inflation system, so it requires inflating before it can bed use. However, with the help of an electric pump that is included in the purchase this process takes little time and effort. The same pump can also be applied to deflate the bed. Any spots or dirt can be easily wiped off the bed.

Movability: 4/5

Without the pump included in the buy, the bed is 7.7lbsin in a deflated condition. The model is quite space-saving and can be packed into a drawstring bag (included into the buy), which makes the process of transporting simple enough. Since in requires inflating, it is lightweight enough to be carried from one place in a house to another one. The included travel bag, however, is not spacious enough to fit the pump in there, so you will have no other choice but to transport it separately.

Comfort: 3/5

This model is cozy and it doesn’t make any irritating scratching sounds while a kid is moving (most of other models alike usually do). The specific option of this bed is that it is equipped with the Sheet Tuck system. This system enables parents to easily tuck in sheets on the mattress itself.  Unfortunately, the mattress itself is not adjustable, but the sheets can be tucked into slits surrounding the mattress. Sheets of any sizes will e suitable for this model. The sheets are unlikely to slip off and they serve to comfort and warm your kid during his sleep.

Age Range: 4/5

This travel bed is not recommended to buy for kids under the age of two, but it is a good option to consider purchasing if your children are two-six. However, since the dimensions of the bed are 60″ long, 37″ wide and the maximum weight it can handle is 68kgs, the bed can be used long after your child has crossed the age of six. If your kid is only 3 years old and you are doubt whether you should switch to this model, we suggest you turn to hints about moving to a toddler bed.

Safety: 5/5

The bed is not very high and is designed to be close to the ground. It was designed this way as a safety precaution to protect kids from falling out and hurting themselves. Also, the model is featured with ridges on its sides that protect the kid within the confines of the bed. This model is lead and chemically free as well as BPA and phthalates safe. The model matches all the up-to-date safety standards.

Other characteristics and accessories


  • It is designed in neutral colors.



  • This travel bed needs inflating which takes a few minutes.
  • The drawstring bag can only accommodate the bed itself and not the pump as well.

Summing up: 3.5/5

The Shrunks Indoor Toddler Inflatable Travel Bed is a is a great option for the parents seeking a cozy, comfortable and portative bed as they feel that their child is too heavy to be carried in a travel crib. The model has a long service life.

Benefits: Even though the model is meant for kids aged two-six, it can support up to 69 kgs, which means it can be used even when your kid is older. The model is very compact and lightweight.

Drawbacks: It cannot function without being inflated. The bad that is included in the purchase is not spacious enough to fit the pump in it.


Shrunks Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed

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