What are HCG Diet Drops

HCG diet drops, also named Human Chronic Gonadotropin, Is an over the counter medication used in weight loss diets. The medication is not approved by the FDA for use regarding weight loss. The medication is supposed to help you lose up to a pound a day when used properly with a severely monitored diet. The diet consist of consuming no more the 500 calories a day. Company backers claim that using the product will reset the metabolism and result in weight loss without feeling hunger or weakness. This has been disputed and proven false, as with all several monitored diets, weight loss is possible.

The addition of HCG does nothing for the consumer, the product can be purchased over the counter or administed via shot by a licensed official. Over the counter medication include the use or oral tablets, pellets, and sprays. HCG is approved for the use in fertility treatments but over the counter medication has not been. The FDA has went as far as to send warning letter out to several company’s that market the sell of HCG. Reviews of popular drops on official website.

Eating with HCG

Eating with the HCG diet is less than pleasing, the product only allows you to eat two meals a day and each meal can only contain one vegetable, one protein, one fruit, and one bread. Meats are allowed in the diet as long as there are no visible fat content. The meats that are allowed to be eaten include Veil, Shrimp, Beef, fresh White Fish, Chicken, Lobster and crab. The meats that are not allowed for consumption on the diet include Tuna, Salmon, Eel and Herring. The consumption of bread is so little on the diet that only one breadstick or one piece of toast is allowed during the meal. The diet calls for no butter or oil, sugar is not allowed but sugar substitutes are. The diet does allow as much Water, Tea and coffee as the consumer wishes, the diet only allows up to one tablespoon of milk per day.

Challenges of the diet

The diet is extremely difficult to stick with, consuming only 500 calories a day puts a lot of strain on the body. It can potentially be dangerous as well, consumption of anything less than 1,200 calories a day can have negative side effects. The diet makes it very difficult to gather the amount of protein and nutrients our body’s need to function properly. This could lead to adding secondary vitamin and mineral supplements. Doctors and officials recommend the consumption of 1,000 calories per day if an individual is obese, this has to be carefully monitored by licensed officials to ensure no negative consequences arise from the diet.

Making the HCG diet not only highly deterred by the FDA, but possibly dangerous to undertake. It poses significant risks to vegetarians and vegans as well. Since their diet usually restricts the consumption of meat or dairy, nutrient being consumed are extremely low and may require an individual to drink an excess of skim milk just to catch up.

What are HCG Diet Drops
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